Local History Centre

If you are researching the history of a building, company, or family in the Harrow area, please contact us to see if our resources can help.

As well as a large collection of books about Harrow and the surrounding area, we have back copies of newspapers, a collection of photographs and prints, historic and modern maps of the area, as well as estate plans and some architectural drawings. We also hold sales particulars of some notable buildings.

Please note that we do not hold Births, deaths and marriage records, or Parish records. You may be able to access these at:

Records of Births, Deaths & Marriages is available for free on

Records of some Births, Deaths & Marriages as well as Census information is available online via
http://www.ancestry.co.uk/ (available free in Harrow Libraries)

Parish records are available through the London Metropolitan Archives

For access to Newspaper microfilm archives please visit:

Other newspapers, including the Middlesex Chronicle, can be viewed online at The British Newspaper Archive:

For access to Electoral Registers from 1832-1932 please visit the British Library

For details of how to access Census records please visit the National Archives website

The Harrow Times has an online archive going back to 1999 available at:


Contacting the Local History Centre


Please note visits to the Local History Centre are by appointment only. Alternatively, if you are unable to visit the centre we may be able to send you some information over email. Please use the contact details or the enquiry form below.

Telephone: 020 8863 6720

Email: archive@harrowmuseum.org.uk

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If you are unable to visit the Centre, or want to find out more about the Collection before you come, we are able to answer some enquiries by email. Please complete the enquiry form below